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HVACRBUSINESS.Com HVACR Business m a rc h 2 0 1 4 21 Additionally, copyright law does not protect slogans or names of businesses. Trademark law traditionally protects such assets and is the subject of next month's article. Copyright law also does not protect methods of operation or works that have a utilitarian function. However, patent law may protect novel, useful, and nonobvious inventions. What rights do you get as a copyright owner? The Copyright Act grants exclusive rights to the owner of a copyright in a work. These exclusive rights are very different from the rights individuals have when they merely own the physical work. For example, a person who purchases a novel from Barnes & Noble may have the right to sell the book, but his rights are vastly limited compared to the rights owned by the copyright owner. The copyright owner has fve exclusive rights: the exclusive right to reproduce a copyrighted work, the right to prepare derivative works based upon the work, the right to distribute copies of the work to the public, the right to perform the copyrighted work publicly, and the right to display the copyrighted work publicly. These are the rights that make copyright one of the most important assets a business could own. Just like the owner of the physical book can sell the book, the owner of a copyright can sell or license his copyright. These assets are highly valuable! It is not uncommon for such rights to be sold and licensed for thousands if not millions of dollars. How do you protect your copyright? Under the 1976 Copyright Act, authors of original works automatically get copyright protection the moment they create their work. Nevertheless, it is advantageous for business owners to register their work with the United States Department of Commerce. There are several benefts to registering your work with the federal government. Without a registered copyright your damages in a court of law are limited to lost profts, which could be minimal. In contrast, with a registered copyright you may elect to receive statutory damages as high as $150,000 per work willfully infringed. Another beneft of copyright registration is that a court will presume you are the rightful owner of the work. In other words, the burden will be on the defendants in a copyright infringement action to prove you do not own the copyright. Finally, fling for copyright registration may on its face appear easy. After all, the questions on the application appear relatively straightforward. However, there are common pitfalls many business owners make in fling their own copyright registration. These mistakes could have devastating impacts down the road. It is advisable you consult a copyright attorney to ensure proper fling. n Please note: This article is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, nor does it form an attorney-client relationship. Mr. Beniam Biftu is a copyright attorney, counselor-at-law, and the founder of Biftu Law LLC. (www.biftulaw.com) His frm was created to provide exceptional and affordable trademark counsel to small business owners and large international corporations. Mr. Biftu also helps up and coming artists, writers, musicians, and app developers secure and enforce federal copyrights. SIMPLIVATION: AT WORK. Mini Refrigeration System Analyzer (Mini RSA) Quickly add digital pressure, temperature and superheat/subcooling capability to any one of your everyday manifolds. That's innovation working hard, plain and simple. SIMPLIVATION: ACCURACY. eVac I and eVac II Micron Gauges These self-diagnostic gauges can be feld calibrated and alert you when there's oil contamination or sensor damage. The eVac II works even harder, with a unique programmable alarm feature. So you can know exactly when a vacuum has maintained a selected level for a selected period of time. SIMPLIVATION: MAKING IT EASY. Superheat/Subcool Calculator Ready programed with PT data for 25 refrigerants including common R-22 retroft refrigerant. Simply attach the temperature probe, select the refrigerant and enter the pressure. It's as easy as 1-2-3. SIMPLIVATION Tools and equipment that allow you to do more with less. Our guiding principle for sixty-fve years. LEARN MORE AT YELLOWJACKET.COM/BUSINESS ©2014 Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

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