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MAR 2014

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HVACRBUSINESS.Com 28 HVACR Business m a rc h 2 0 1 4 D espite the growth of the Internet and social media, most people still contact HVACR companies by phone. That means no matter how awesome your website is or how many followers you have on Twitter, you need to get tele- phone customer service right in order to grow your business. Below are fve tips that HVACR contractors can put into place today in order to improve the level of customer service they deliver over the phone. 1. Make sure someone Answers. This may seem obvious, but the num- ber of contractors that simply fail to an- swer the phone is shocking. Before you can even think of landing new custom- ers or impressing folks with your pro- fessionalism, you have to be there when they try to reach you. Solo contractors and small compa- nies often use the excuse that they're on jobs and are too busy to answer every call, but potential customers aren't go- ing to try calling you back. They're going to move on to the next company. 2. Avoid Voicemail. If number one got you thinking about ways to answer every call, it's important to note that voicemail doesn't count as a solution. It's an improvement over simply having your phone ring continu- ously, but it's a long way from being cus- tomer friendly. People want to speak to a live person. Answer every call yourself, hire a recep- tionist, use an answering service, or pay your son or daughter to man the phones - whatever you have to do to make sure potential customers hear a live voice. 3. Be Prepared to Handle every Call. Everyone has a frustrating call cen- ter story. You call a big company look- ing for help; they transfer you from one person to another until you eventually hang up. Surprisingly, calling smaller companies can be just as frustrating. Instead of being transferred all over the place, you're stuck with one person who doesn't know what they're doing. To make callers happy, you need to understand their needs and be prepared to satisfy them while on the phone. Are most of your service customers calling to schedule an appointment? You bet- ter make sure your calendar is accessible wherever the phone is being answered. Make a list of the different requests you commonly receive and make sure you have a standard solution for each. 4. Answer the Phone Professionally. Customers hate calling a business and receiving some generic, casual tele- phone greeting. You need to answer pro- fessionally in the name of your company, and the same greeting should be used every time. By Gere JorDan, writer of continental message solution in order to land the job you need someone to answer the phone when customers call. E x p E rt A dv i c E 5 Telephone Customer service Tips for HVACR Contractors Be Prepared to Satisfy Customers When They Call

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