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MAR 2014

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HVACRBUSINESS.COM HVACR BUSINESS M A RC H 2 0 1 4 29 this you give clear direction to those that perform the task. You provide clarity from a management standpoint of how and when the company's work gets done. All processes should seek to fulfll a successful customer outcome. In my experience, managing processes, procedures and process improvement can be challenging, but it is absolutely necessary to run a good, sustainable and consistently proftable company. n Peter Hungate is the owner of Pacifc Air Systems, a retail heating and air company serving over 14,000 residential and light commercial customers in Tacoma, Washington. Peter has built his company with a strong and continuing focus on managing and improving business processes. Think about some of the companies you call on a regular basis. Those that have a professional greeting likely come across as being more reputable and or- ganized. Emulate them, even if it means being more formal than you think is necessary. 5. Be the Person You Would Invite into Your Home. Hiring an HVACR company isn't like hiring someone to mow your lawn. Both involve someone providing a service at your residence, but only one needs to come inside. That requires more trust. Keep that in mind as you interact with customers over the phone. Ultimately, they are going to ask themselves a ques- tion before deciding to move forward: Do I trust them? To gain trust over the phone, you need to be patient, polite, friendly, and knowl- edgeable. Ask questions about their problem in order to showcase your ex- pertise. Say please and thank you. Don't make it obvious you're in a hurry. Make them feel comfortable and they'll sched- ule a service call with you in no time. Put these Tips to Use! Now that you've read these telephone customer service tips, be sure to evaluate your current practices and look for ways to improve. Don't be the HVACR com- pany that loses business by not paying attention to the importance of telephone calls. n Gere Jordan writes for Continental Message Solution, an award-winning call center serving the HVACR industry. Learn more at www.continentalmessage.com. Understand the needs of your customers and be prepared to satisfy them the frst time they call. Continued from page 15 Amana. 22 A-Gas.Remtec. 14 Building.Services.Institute. 24 Carrier.Corp . 11 Chrysler.Corp. 31 Daikin.North.America.LLC. 27 Dynatemp. 25 EWC.Controls . 3 Ford.Motor.Corp. 7 Fujitsu.Corp . 2 hilmor . 32 Imperial.Tool . INSERT Jackson.Systems . 28 Lennox... Coverwrap LG.Electronics . 4 Nexstar . 17 Nordyne . 15 Panasonic. 20 Southwire. 13 Thermostat.Recycling.Corp. 10 Water.Furnace. 26 YellowJacket . 21 ADVERTISERS INDEX

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