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APR 2014

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CONTENTS APRIL 2014 / VOL.9 / NO.4 FEATURES 12 Ge tting Paid Review current payment policy recommendations to ensure that getting paid is fast, safe, and simple. Adapted by Jenn Lonzer, M.A. 16 Selling Thermostats that Save Customers Energy and Money 6 ways to ensure you don't miss another opportunity to make add-on sales. By Bill Fortner COLUMNS 5 Small Businesses, Big Brands Fleet branding has 2.5 seconds to capture attention; make every second count . By Jenn Lonzer, M.A. 10 Yo ur Accounts Receivable to Accounts Payable Ratio: Do You Have a Collection Problem? Use the accounts receivable to accounts payable ratio to determine if you have enough money to pay your bill s. By Ruth King 14 Wh o's in Charge of the HVACR Industry? Calling manufacturers, distributors, utilities and contractors to enforce quality and safety standards . By Wade Mayfeld 20 Disconnected in a Highly Connected World Are you so consumed by our digital interactions that you miss opportunities for real interactions? By Lise Stewart 22 10 Steps to Setting Up Payroll A step-by-step guide to paying your employees. By The U.S. Small Business Administration 25 5 Advantages of Fleet Management The benefts of feet ownership outweigh the costs. By Robert J. Hall 26 Trademark Basics for Small Business Owners Whether it's your logo, a specifc color, or tagline, your trademark is among your most valuable assets. By Beniam Biftu, Esq. 29 Av oiding Knee-Jerk Reactions The best way to prepare for crises is to plan ahead. By Greg McAfee 30 Maximize Your Mark-Up Learn to mark-up your mark-ups for lasting proftability. By George Hedley 32 Overtime: A Key Indicator for Healthy Growth Rethinking the concept of overtime. By Jim Victor DEPARTMENTS 6 Management Resource Shelf Reaching goals: Habit and motivation 8 HVACR Business Stock Index Markets Start Strong, then Fade By Margot Crabtree 34 20 Questions in Memory of Jack Hutchinson Fo rmer Vice President of Sales, HVACR Business

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