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HVACRBUSINESS.Com HVACR Business J U N E 2 0 1 5 11 something old fashioned," she says. "We did a lot of research on other trucks and the consensus was that we wanted some- thing that was retro, but also modern." Jennifer's father, who started the company in 1986, believes in the good old days where companies provided ex- cellent customer service. That's some- thing everyone agreed was an important point to emphasize. The vans have a sleek, modern look, while still conveying that old fashioned feeling, captured perfectly in the compa- ny logo and the graphic of the red, rotary dial phone. "The people who remember those red rotary phones are a lot older, and my generation doesn't even know what those are," Stueber says. "Of course, I know about them because we have one, because my dad likes to keep old things." In fact, her father's collection of "old things" was the inspiration for the com- pany logo — displayed in the Blue Ridge offce is a collection of vintage furnace tags, which Stueber used when working with the graphic designer. In less than a year, Blue Ridge has gone from plain white vans with a lot of words on them to a complete rebrand- ing and wrapped trucks — an expensive endeavor. "You truck is the absolute best form of advertising you can have, because it's con- stantly on the move," Stueber says. "All day, all night in different neighborhoods — you need it to be the best it can be. It costs a lot of money, but it's worth it." M.R.s. Heating and Cooling new Castle, ind. 16 vehicles Darrell Gross, president Accepting change has also been dif- fcult for Darrell Gross, who has built his company brand for the last 20 years as frst a commercial repair company to now a mostly residential service com- pany. But, having done work at restau- rants and hotels, Gross learned a lesson from them and knew it was time to re- brand his company, M.R.S. Heating and Cooling. "I've read HVACR Business for many years and always enjoy looking at the Tops in Trucks contest winners," he says. "This was a goal of mine. When I started this rebranding process, I told my team it would be nice to be a part of that group of winners." Like many companies, M.R.S. Heating and Cooling's vans were white, with the main graphical element be- ing the lettering. When Gross con- tacted an Indianapolis design frm for help, they went back and forth about fve times before he was hap- py with the concept. "It's a little scary to go away from what you're used to," Gross says. "I wanted to stay with the red and blue theme, but wanted a fresh take on it." One of the most important el- ements, from a branding stand- point, Gross believed was the new company logo. It had to be some- thing that could stand well on it's own, separate from the character that appears on the trucks. "We started off trying to mirror a lot of designs that I liked, but nothing really worked," he explains. "So we scrapped it all and came up with something unique- ly ours." Gross knew, with a feet of 16 ve- hicles, wrapping all of them would be a major expense. This past November, he wrapped an initial six trucks as a test run to gauge the feedback. Since then, he's wrapped four more. "I'm simply amazed at how well it's received," he says. "I hear people talking about it all the time. People who have never called us before are calling us. They love the logo and they want to talk about it." Gross says it's not uncommon for someone to call up and say, "Our AC is out, and we really love the look of your new trucks." By year's end, he plans on having all 16 vehicles in his feet wrapped with the new design. BEFORE Continued on page 12 Continued from page 9

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