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JUN 2015

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HVACRBUSINESS.Com 12 HVACR Business J U N E 2 0 1 5 RunneRs uP A/C Technical services Castroville, Texas 30 vehicles Gregg Zinsmeyer, partner You don't see many commercial, new construction HVAC companies with fashy wraps, and Gregg Zinsmeyer's company was no different for 23 years. But, when he purchased a new 20-foot box truck to run supplies from jobsite to jobsite, he fgured it was time to get the name A/C Technical Services out in the public eye. "My wife and I own the company, and we realized we had a rolling billboard with nothing on it," he says. "We'd always toyed with the idea of doing a wrap, so we decided to go ahead and do one on the box truck." As Zinsmeyer moved ahead with his wrap plans, however, he realized his 23-year-old company logo was kind of boring, so he looked for inspiration. "After looking at last year's Tops in Trucks contest issue, we decided to con- tact a design frm to help us with the wrap," Zinsmeyer says. "We started with the intent of wrapping the box truck, and ended up rebranding our entire compa- ny in a matter of about six months." Zinsmeyer says they're about 90 per- cent complete with the entire process, with a new logo, uniforms, business cards and three of the company's vehi- cles wrapped. "It's a costly ordeal, but that's a part of doing business," he says. "It really stands out. A lot of our customers say it's some of the best graphics they've seen." A/C Technical Services' customers have responded to the colors, which they say are very pleasing to the eyes, with lettering that's readable at a glance, even from a distance or with the vehicle in motion. "Too many times companies make the mistake of putting too much information on their wraps," Zinsmeyer says. "Ours is clear, concise and has a phone number. That's all you need." Bloomington Heating & Air Bloomington, Minn. 5 vehicles scott newgaard, owner Scott Newgaard knew it was time for a change, and he wanted his trucks to stand out during dark, cold Minnesota winters. He also knew Bloomington Heating & Air's plain white vans simply weren't doing that. "We were looking for a marketing concept that was outside the traditional heating and air industry," Newgaard says. "My wife Stacy came up with the initial concept, and a marketing frm provided us with a designer to work with to make that concept a reality." The fnal result is a bright red truck with a huge dot wave design that seems to fow like air, catching the attention of everyone who sees it. "In addition, we spent money to have the business name, logo, symbols, web- site and phone number all created in refective material on the vans," he says. "Our trucks are glowing and visible for all to see in all seasons, day or night." One of Newgaard's goals for the fresh design was to be something that would not only resonate with customers, but also showcase nice on his vehicles, so- cial media accounts and marketing collateral. "We had a feet of white vehicles in the past with some fairly simple door signage," he says. "We felt it was of ut- most importance for customers to im- mediately know what we do by looking at our name and logo, and for us to be recognizable and professional when our technicians arrive on the jobsite." Open the door to a new world of cooling & heating. www.haieramerica.com | Continued from page 11

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