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HVACRBUSINESS.Com HVACR Business J U N E 2 0 1 5 13 expert Air inc. Greenville, s.C. 3 vehicles Jeff Carlin, owner After selling his previous HVACR company in Florida, Jeff Carlin moved to South Carolina and decided to start a new company. A year after starting Expert Air, Carlin knew it was time to make his feet look more professional. "A customer isn't going to spend $15- 20,000 with you if you look like you just started up," he says. "We needed a pro- fessional looking truck that projected well with customers." When trying to decide on a color scheme for Expert Air, Carlin wanted a twist on the typical blue and red used by most HVACR companies. "Those colors are pretty standard in our industry, and a lot of people as- sociate them with cooling and heating," he says. "We wanted to do our trucks in either all blue or all red, but instead we decided to make one side red and the other blue." Whether you're looking at his vans from the left or the right, the bold color choice certainly pops. And, as an added bonus, Carlin's small feet of three vehi- cles sometimes appears larger than it is. "A lot of people, because they only see one side or the other, think we have both blue vans and red vans," he says. "Most of the time, they're seeing the same van and not realizing it." As Expert Air continues to grow, Carlin plans to add two more vehicles to his feet within the next year. And the frst order of business is to wrap them. "Conveying who you are in your ser- vice van is important," he says. "For many companies, especially start-ups, their vans are their only form of adver- tising and its important to project a pro- fessional image." Hearth and Home Heating & Cooling Melbourne, Fla. 10 vehicles John McMillan, president After 34 years in business, building a reputation as a modern, effcient, warm company that customers can count on, John McMillan realized his feet of white vans with black lettering was starting to blend in and get lost. It was time to make Hearth and Home Heating & Cooling look sophisticated too. "I didn't want to look like everyone else," McMillan says. "When you pull into a subdivision, it doesn't blend into anything. It's a very noticeable truck. I also had safety in mind for our techni- cians, and you can see that orange a mile down the road. It's a softer orange, but it pops." McMillan already had his logo, which incorporated the degree symbol from his slogan, "higher degree of comfort," as well as the color scheme of brown and orange. "I used a design company to incorpo- rate that logo and color scheme for our trucks and the rest of our branding," he says. "We went through a few designs before we hit on the one that worked." One of the main goals McMillan had in coming up with the design for his feet was to appeal to women. "Typically, they're the ones at home when we come and we've found they re- ally make a lot of the decisions," he says. "We didn't want something too harsh or too mechanical. We didn't want to clut- ter it with everything we do either." Continued on page 26

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