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JUN 2015

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HVACRBUSINESS.Com 18 HVACR Business J U N E 2 0 1 5 feet-based businesses. It's no secret ve- hicle emissions have a negative impact on the environment, so your feet should proactively take charge of fuel usage and vehicle maintenance to prevent being labeled as unsustainable or environmen- tally irresponsible. You can use a GPS tracking solution to monitor idling, route effciency and feet maintenance to help reduce CO 2 emissions by up to 50 percent. Sharing how your business is do- ing your part to increase sustainabil- ity throughout your feet operations will protect and enhance your brand image. Making strides to be a greener feet is not just good for the planet; it is good for business too. Customer experience The number one reason consumers choose any type of service business is because of customer service. Focusing your efforts on improving the customer experience will increase customer re- tention and also help generate new clientele. Your feet can use GPS tracking tech- nology to increase customer satisfaction by improving response times during emergencies and providing customers with accurate ETAs. If a customer's air-conditioning goes out during the middle of summer and your feet has the reputation of taking twice as long to arrive at the job site as your competition, chances are you'll lose the business. This can be prevented with increased response times. By accessing your ve- hicles' real-time locations, selecting the closest and best vehicle for the job and completing the job effciently once you arrive, you'll protect your brand image and quickly become known as the most dependable HVACR feet to use during an emergency. Another way to improve customer service is to provide accurate ETAs of when your technicians will arrive to complete a service. If a customer calls in to see when your technician will ar- rive and you're unable to give them an accurate time window, it'll only frustrate the customer and they'll most likely call someone else. No one wants to sit around all day waiting for a service provider to arrive. With a GPS tracking solution, you can provide an accurate answer because you're able to access current vehicle lo- cations at all times. You've spent a lot of money to develop the right brand image for your business. With GPS tracking technology, you can protect that image and prevent your company from being recognized for the wrong reasons. n Jenny Malcolm is the Content Marketing Specialist for GPS Insight. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's of Communication and is responsible for external marketing communication for all business segments that GPS Insight targets. For additional information, visit www.gpsinsight.com. SpeediChannel TM Products SpeediChannel TM Installation Kits • Includes 3 48" pieces of channel and selected fttings SpeediChannel TM • Fast and simple to install • Includes SpeediClip TM to easily secure line set • Multiple sizes - 3", 4", 6" • Complete accessory line Flex Joint • Routes a SpeediChannel TM system around any obstacle • Slides tightly inside the SpeediChannel TM system • Extremely fexible Universal Pump Elbow Kit • Use with any minipump • Includes pump elbow and reservoir mounting brackets SpeediChannel TM Fitting Kits • Provides a simple mix of the basic fttings • Includes one coupling, one wall penetration, one inside elbow, one long radius fat bend, one pack of ten SpeediClips and 11" cable ties www.diversitech.com selected fttings • Complete accessory line NEW Can be used with both mini-split and standard A/C systems Refrigerant Lineset Protection Continued from page 15

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