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HVACRBUSINESS.Com 26 HVACR Business J U N E 2 0 1 5 Honeybee AC Las Vegas 6 vehicles Ken Goodrich, president and CeO When Ken Goodrich took over a struggling Las Vegas air conditioning company last year, he decided he wanted to do something completely different — and that included the look and feel, and even the name, of the company. "I wanted a new look," he says. "I wanted completely different colors than the industry norm. I wanted completely different. Every piece and process of this business, I'm reinventing." After working with a branding agen- cy, the initial concept that stood out to him was the name Queen Bee. "Because we know 70 percent of our customers are women, they're our target market," Goodrich says. "But as I sur- veyed our management and technicians, no one wanted to work for a company called Queen Bee." Goodrich didn't give up on the bee concept, deciding instead on Honeybee AC. "I've called the love of my life Honeybee since I met her, and I thought that was a good compromise," he says. Of course, Goodrich also did his homework. He didn't settle on Honeybee AC simply to be different. The more he learned about honeybees, the more he knew it was a perfect ft for the message he wanted his company to convey. "Did you know the honeybee is the only being on earth that has an in- ternal refrigeration system?" he says. "Honeybees also control the tempera- ture of their hives by futtering in unison to get the air fowing." Rather than trying to serve the entire Las Vegas market, Goodrich is using Honeybee's unique brand to target spe- cifc areas. "We have a storefront in a shopping plaza with Whole Foods," he says, "so our trucks and signage will be very visible to that clientele." Hunter Heat & Air Ardmore, Okla. 17 vehicles Chris Hunter, owner Initially, Chris Hunter's feet was like everyone else's — white trucks with let- tering — and he thought he was doing everything right. But, after attending a business seminar that inspired him to claim his market niche and fnd out who his company really was, Hunter Heat & Air's super tech was born. "We went back through customer comments, and many of them spoke to our speed and professional service," he says. "The super tech emphasizes our fast, professional service." When you look at Hunter's feet of 17 vehicles, it's obvious they all go together. But, if you look closely, you'll see some- thing unique that Hunter Heat & Air does. "Each vehicle we do is slightly dif- ferent, so each is unique with the same theme," he says. "We're the frst company in our area to brand the entire feet, and it's made a huge impact." One vehicle that really stands out is the Hunter Heat & Air wrapped Camaro. It's the one many people ask to stop and take a photo with, and the one any em- ployee is able to drive. "We needed an offce vehicle, and I was initially going to buy a truck," Hunter explains. "But I saw a used Camaro for a great price and thought, ftting with our theme of fast service, putting a wrap on it would be great publicity." Anybody can drive it, he says, with the only rule being he doesn't want to see a picture on Facebook with a cop behind it. "This is the biggest investment we've made," Hunter says, "because we want people to think of us when their air breaks, because we can get there fast." n In the last 5 years , how many gauges did you buy? • Rugged & Reliable - 5 year warranty with registration • Digital performance • One testo 549 handles 60 refrigerants testo 549: Priced to make analog obsolete . 1-800-227-0729 info@testo.com testo.com/manifolds Continued from page 13

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