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15 HVACR BUSINESS APRIL 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Telematics is Driving Forward Safety Programs A re you trying to hire productive sales representatives who CAN close deals? Not easy ... what you see during a recruitment in- terview can and oen is very, very different from what you observe aer they have been a few months on the job. Worker safety is a high priority. Due to the obvious importance, a lot of time is spent on safety guidelines such as using the best protective gear and leak detectors, requiring additional electrical safety train- ing and coaching technicians on how to properly transport and store chemicals that could pose a serious health threat if han- dled improperly. Another important aspect of HVACR safety is how technicians are getting to and from job sites — driver safety. As a mobile workforce, it's crucial to have the best pro- cedures in place to ensure workers' safety as they commute in company vehicles. One of the ways you can enhance driver safety is with fleet management applica- tions such as Telematics. is soware helps management en- sure technicians are operating vehicles in accordance with driver policies, monitor driver behavior, coach safer driving hab- its and keep their vehicles in good work- ing order through advanced maintenance management. Write Policies Around Safety Written safety policies have become a best practice and are the foundation of a safety program. Policies should clearly lay out rules for drivers to follow and the con- sequences for violating them. ese might range from coaching to loss of driving priv- ileges to termination. Drive home the message that safety is a core company value — and that its impor- tance is embraced at every level of the or- ganization, from executives, managers, and supervisors to every driver in the company. Creating a culture of safety is key to the broader acceptance of the policy. When writing driver policies, it's also important to include that Telematics data will be used to measure performance and monitor compliance. When the time comes to hold employees accountable, there could be backlash about tracking their vehicles without their knowledge if it's not put down in ink. It's always advised to talk to employees about the use of Telematics from the start so it's not a surprise when it's used to hold them accountable. Once guidelines have been put in place and technicians have agreed to follow these policies, management can then use Telematics soware to monitor that safety regulations are being upheld. Identify Unsafe Behavior Your fleet can use Telematics soware to notify management when hazardous driv- ing occurs in real-time to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Telematics offers a wide range of alerts to ensure drivers are operating vehicles safely at all times. It can be used to monitor speeding, rapid acceleration, quick and harsh stops, and many other behaviors that could be considered dangerous depending on geo- graphic location or weather conditions. To correct unsafe driver behavior, it's recommended that fleet managers provide ongoing performance feedback with the BY JENNY MALCOLM FLEET MANAGEMENT As a mobile workforce, it's crucial to have the best procedures in place to ensure workers' safety as they commute in company vehicles. OPK-400BEZ/E COMPLETE BigEZ ™ KIT • BigEZ TM dye injection system works on all AC&R systems including high-pressure R-410a systems • Features the OPX-400 OPTIMAX TM 400, cordless, "AAA" battery-operated violet light leak detection flashlight • Versatile, multi-dose BigEZ™ dye cartridge • NSF certified dye, registered to meet food-grade processing requirements for category codes HTX-2 and HX-2 TO L E A R N M O R E V I S I T : W W W. S P E C T RO L I N E . C O M ISO 9001:2008 & AS 9100C CERTIFIED COMPANY NEW!! FIND ALL REFRIGERANT LEAKS IN MEDIUM TO LARGE AC&R SYSTEMS at Spectroline Follow us on VIOLET LED DOSE MULTI- SCAN QR CODE TO VIEW VIDEO continued on page 17

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