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8 HVACR BUSINESS APRIL 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Social Media Monitoring Tools Google Alerts: google.com/alerts, free Mention: mention.com, packages beginning at $29 per month Social Media Publishing Tools with Built-In Monitoring Agorapulse: agorapulse.com, packages beginning at $49 per month Sprout Social: sproutsocial.com, packages beginning at $99 per month I n January of 2016, a massive winter weather event — Storm Jonas — landed a powerful punch on New York City, leaving in its wake more than 30 inches of snow across the city. e main New York utility, Con Edison, was ready for the storm and thanks to their efforts on social media, so were many of their customers. ey accomplished this by embracing one of the key benefits of a proactive, customer-focused social media effort: get out ahead of the problem by helping customers help themselves. is was the fourth largest storm in the northeast in the last 60 years, but Con Edison's preparation helped them recover more quickly and stay ahead of customer issues. eir efforts involved scheduled content reminding their customers — or at least those that followed them on social media — to make necessary preparations for the storm, and helped reinforce to their customers ahead of time that they were on top of the problem before the storm struck. Although that might seem like a small thing, customers notice. In Con Edison's case, it helped insulate the brand against negative comments later on. Proactive, customer-focused social media efforts are one of the most impactful things your business can do to improve customer satisfaction with your company. As with Con Edison's experience during Storm Jonas, major weather events can drive surges in customer calls for your business. But proactive customer service is just one benefit of a social media-driven business. In addition to the many benefits a proactive approach delivers, there are other key areas where your HVACR business can boost customer satisfaction with social media. Real-Time Customer Feedback As helpful as Con Edison's proactive approach is for preparations around major predictable events like storms, not all customer issues can be predicted. To help your business stay ahead of comments on social media, you need to invest in some sort of monitoring system. ere are many options, such as free tools like Google Alerts to full-featured robust automation platforms. What's important is that you find a tool that works for your business and budget, and create a workflow that ensures human intervention when issues surface that need to be addressed. What happens when you see a question or complaint about your business? Answer them. You want to be quick, but you also want to be comprehensive. Speed is important when addressing questions and complaints on social media, but equally important is broad coverage. BY DANIEL LEMIN Being comprehensive and generous with your responses will help foster and sustain strong customer relationships on social media. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Proactive, customer focused social media efforts are one of the most impactful things you can do to improve customer satisfaction with your company. Brand24: brand24.com, packages beginning at $49 per month Trackur: trackur.com, packages beginning at $97 per month Likeable Local: likeablelocal.com, packages beginning at $299 per month

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