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10 HVACR BUSINESS APRIL 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Test faster. Service easier. Get more done. • Measurement values always in view thanks to Bluetooth connectivity to your smart device • Flexible, no-hose checking with the testo Smart Probes refrigeration set • 557 Digital manifold features an external vacuum probe for faster and more reliable system evacuation www.testo.com/refrigeration Pressure / temperature testo 557 List LP bar to HP bar tc Table Trending R134a P rel social media for several days or several years, dealing with an angry rant is time consuming and can feel like a kick in the gut. Wade Lombard, owner of Square Cow Movers in Austin, Texas, has a method for dealing with angry rants that can be helpful. ere are similarities between moving companies and HVACR companies, no doubt: you are in customer's homes or businesses, in charge of things important to them and sometimes things don't go the way the customer expected. In situations where a customer rants and rages against your business, Lombard suggests a three-step approach: STOP. Pause and give yourself a moment to consider the nature of the complaint. DROP. Let go of the urge to be sharp, or to meet angry speech with angry speech. ROLL. ings are not always going to your way and when they do, you have to roll with the punches. Lombard learned the hard way, early in his business, about taking a situation too personally. Attacking back does not improve customer satisfaction, and certainly earns you a negative star in your permanent record with other customers. ere isn't anything to be gained by always being right. Customers don't see it that way. Being mindful of Lombard's Stop, Drop and Roll method may actually help your business improve outcomes when a negative situation strikes. In a study about negative reviews, Yelp found that 33 percent of customers who have complained on the Yelp platform and le a negative review upgrade the star rating by adding stars when a business responds to them. Faced with a negative situation, turning a bad review into a positive review is a great outcome for your business and should be seen worthy of any investment in time and ego. The Future of Customer Service Customer service on social media today is a very manual task, no doubt, and can certainly lead to some frustrations about the investment needed to get it right. ere are improvements on the near horizon that should help your business find shortcuts to customer satisfaction. e biggest development is the introduction of chatbots, or automated customer service tools. e best example of a chatbot today is on Facebook's built-in Messenger platform. Within that platform, it's possible to give customers the tools to answer their own questions about common topics, such as inquiring about order status or setting up an appointment. is all happens right within the Facebook Messenger interface, where customers may already interact with you, but puts the tools in their hands to fulfill some common tasks. Chatbots are seen as one of marketing's biggest trends in 2017, particularly for social media interactions. Service Leads to Satisfaction ere is no doubt that good customer service leads to customer satisfaction and creates referral opportunities for your business. Social media holds a wide range of opportunity for your business to grow and create enduring customer satisfaction, whether you are small and growing or large and established. e upside is substantial and will help will catapult your business. u Daniel Lemin is a bestselling author, trusted online reputation expert and digital marketing advisor for the world's most respected brands. Visit manipurated.com for additional information about his latest book. continued from page 9 In times of a social media crisis, you will be truly measured on how you responded (if you did), and how quickly you addressed the situation.

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