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P i c t u r e o f M i k e ( F o r m e r C o m m a n d e r , U S S B e n f o l d a n d A u t h o r , I t ' s Y o u r S h i p , a n d C o - O w n e r , A e g i s P e r - f o r m a n c e G r o u p ) P i c t u r e o f S t a c e y ( C E O a n d C o - O w n e r , A e g i s P e r - f o r m a n c e G r o u p ) 2017 EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT 12 hvacrbusiness .com Learn to TRANSFORM Your Leadership Skills So You Can Outperform The Competition What would your organization's performance look like if you were able to learn to lead more like former U.S. Navy Captain Mike Abrashoff, author It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy? Mike's transformation didn't happen overnight – it took hard work, perseverance and practice. But he understood this could be a repeatable and learned skill and in conjunction with Stacey Cunningham created a weekly virtual training program that guides business owners and managers systematically through the process. e learning experience is called FUEL for your LeaderSHIP Journey. WHAT EXACTLY IS FUEL? It's a weekly VIRTUAL training program that gives you the same roadmap and processes Abrashoff used to transform USS Benfold from worst to first. Lessons learned are spread over time so you and your team can work together to embed the leadership tools and tactics. Used properly you'll drive engagement, performance and profitability of your company. At AGEIS PERFOMANCE Group we understand there isn't a magic leadership pill you can take. Leaders aren't born they're made with education, practice and repetition. WHAT'S INSIDE FUEL? • PRACTICAL, TACTICAL AND SHORT all o our lessons take just 15 to 30 minutes a week. Perfect for any busy manager. • "HOW-TO" guides, to drive accountability and behavior change within your company. • Video's Packed with relevant leaderhip tactics from Mike. • Articles • Worksheets • MICRO assignments that share specific tactics to help you deal with conflict within your organization. • Best Practices show managers and employees how to share ideas that really work. • Increase customer satisfaction with tactics that you can apply immediately. • CUSTOMIZE your experience with our library of resources to tailor your experience to your unique company's needs - over 150 tools available. HOW DOES IT WORK? Each week in FUEL follows a simple format to help you increase engagement, create better relationships internally and externally. TAKE ACTION Micro assignments called "Take Actions" that charge you with taking action back on the job. Micro M i k e A b r a s h o f f Former Commander, USS Benfold and Author, It's Your Ship, and Co-Owner, Aegis Performance Group » R E S O U R C E P R O F I L E S AEGIS PERFORMANCE GROUP Phone: 800-501-2421 Web: apgleadership.com Email: info@apgleadership.com Stacey Cunningham CEO and Co-Owner, Aegis Performance Group

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