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2017 EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT 14 hvacrbusiness .com Today's complicated office structure is made up of several different generations of employees, yet there are two that can be radically different. Baby Boomers (approaching retirement; born between 1946 and 1964) and Millennials (entering the workforce; between the ages of 18 to 35). Each age group is distinct in its own way. When the groups are balanced they bring value, but when at odds, they can make the workplace an unpleasant environment for all. e workplace is destined to remain this way for some time because today's economy has dictated that more people continue to work instead of retiring. What that means is that the workplace is staffed by intergenerational employees and the office space confronted with problems caused by the age differences between those groups. Older workers treat Millenials like children. Millennials who want to come to work in casual clothes are sometimes the subject of discussion and disrespect among Baby Boomers in the office. Older supervisors frequently micro-manage Millennials, especially their computer use. Baby Boomers believe that Millennials waste company resources by socializing, and spending too much time on social networking sites and emails, and so keep a tight rein on how Millennials use their work time. Millennials feel like they are treated more like the Baby Boomers' grandchildren rather than their coworkers. Younger staff members need to understand that Baby Boomers oen are heavily invested in their work. ey are efficient and focus on quality rather than quantity, and plan for their retirement. eir preferred form of communicating is via telephone or in person. ey oen If you can find a prospect with a great attitude that matches your company culture of like minded people, you won't have to spend a great deal of time trying to "re-program" them to fit within your company. BY E STHER J O SEPH Train and Educate in Multi-generational Workplace

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