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2017 EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT 5 hvacrbusiness .com For years, the industry has lamented over a supposed shortage of qualified technicians. I'll let you in on a little secret, though. e companies who aren't complaining — those contractors who are successful, have great employees and never worry about filling an open technician position — are the ones who are hiring great people and training them to be great technicians. Seems like a simple enough formula, but if it were really that easy, no one would be struggling to find employees. ere are plenty of great people out there willing to work, most of whom have never been an HVACR technician before ... but they're willing to learn. Many successful contractors have said to me, "I can teach you how to be a great technician, but I can't teach you how to be a good person." You could hire the most experienced technician in the world, but if they're not a great fit for your company, then they simply won't work out, and that's why many companies are struggling to make good hires. If you spend all your time looking for someone who fits well with your company and is an experienced technician, well, you're going to be looking for a long time. ankfully, there are many resources within this industry to help you educate your employees. Whether you're simply looking to onboard a new employee or offer technical classes for your entire team, you have many options. I haven't spoken to a manufacturer or distributor yet who isn't eager to help contractors learn. Most offer some time of training program, whether it be in person at your location or theirs, or online at your convenience. All you have to do is ask. It doesn't stop at just technician training either. Most industry associations also offer business management and sales training for members. Between the associations, manufacturers and distributors — and, of course, HVACR Business magazine and hvacrbusiness.com — there's no shortage of educational material available for contractors. As Baby Boomers retire and Millenials are le to fill that void, education is a critical factor for every contractor. ere are plenty of willing and able future employees out there — you don't have to look far. It's your responsibility, however, to ensure these technicians of tomorrow are prepared for a long and rewarding career in this industry. As Wade Mayfield, president of ermal Services, Inc. in Omaha, Neb. once said, "Be the contractor that looks at what is possible by building and investing in your employees through education and training." You can't possibly have competent and confident employees without investing in them — provide the education and training they need to deliver your services and products to your customer's expectations. Invest in education, and there will be no workforce shortage. Education is the Secret to a Sustainable Workforce It's your responsibility to ensure the technicians of tomorrow are prepared for a long and rewarding career in this industry. BY PETE GR ASSO, EDITOR OF HVACR BUSINESS

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