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2017 EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT 6 hvacrbusiness .com BY PETE SKI NNER, P. E. CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRAINER IS ESSENTIAL IN ENSURING YOUR TECHNICIANS ACTUALLY LEARN Make Continuing Education Count Navigating the many CEU courses and technical training sessions available can be tricky. Deciding which ones you should send your technicians to can be even trickier, because everyone learns differently. Whether you hire a trainer, purchase an online training session or teach a refresher course yourself, it's important to know best practices for training — and many times, it begins and ends with the trainer. Continuing education is essential for success in the HVACR industry and choosing the right trainer can be the difference between getting the most value for your education dollars and wasting your technicians' valuable time. ink about who your worst teachers were. I attended a CEU course not long ago where the instructor recited — or rather, droned — word for word, the rules of the LEED architecture design. I fell asleep within 15 minutes. Other courses I've sat through are little more than a PowerPoint. You want to choose an educator who is engaging, who continually refreshes their teaching techniques from time to time so their sessions are interactive and your technicians are actually learning (and not snoozing ). Some HVACR contractors believe it's difficult to teach technicians and their technicians see training as a waste of time. e fact is, a good teacher can lay bare the foundation for HVACR — much more than simply how to install and adjust the devices. Technicians don't want to appear stupid, or are in a hurry to get to the next job. Most of the time, they get it right. You know the type — they're getting ready to install a controller and say, "I don't need to look at the manual. Just hand me that screwdriver." You may see this as a disaster waiting to happen, and be shocked when the technician actually hooks up the controller, turns some screws and voila – the pump turns on. is technician may be lucky — or is he simply a hands-on learner? But those ingredients aren't good enough for them to pass a credentialing exam or transition into the next generation heat pumps. Tools, Not Pencils Technicians love to learn, much more Instruction is successful when trainers take the time to find out how their students learn best and adapt their presentations accordingly.

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