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11 HVACR BUSINESS JUNE 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com being wrapped and one more set to be wrapped this Spring. Prior to this, the company's only brand- ing campaign was its Tin Man logo, which was also the only graphic on the side of its white vans. "It's too early to tell what kind of return we'll get on this investment, but I can say that we're turning a lot of heads when our truck drives down the road," Zuhlsdorf says. "We'll continue to incorporate the new design as we upgrade the rest of our fleet." Zuhlsdorf says he's heard from custom- ers who think the new look is creative and unique, and his technicians are looking forward to getting new vehicles so they can show off the bold design. "We're a small company making a big impact in our area with forward thinking," Zuhlsdorf says. "We grew nearly 37 percent last year with 15.6 percent profit — if I could start all over again, I'd have wrapped my fleet a lot sooner than I did. RUNNER UP Dominion Service Company Richmond, Va. 30 vehicles CHASE TUNNELL, PRESIDENT Simplicity is the key to an outstand- ing vehicle design — you have to get your message across without cluttering up the side of the van with too much copy. "If you look at our old trucks, you'll definitely see too many words describing everything we do," says Chase Tunnell, president of Dominion Service Company in Richmond, Va. "We decided our new design needed to be simple and refined." Tunnell started the same place most companies do — with the logo and his fa- vorite color. "Blue has always been a favorite color and prominent in our logo over the years," he says. "We added the red to give an extra 'pop' during the re-design." Tunnell says he already had a basic idea of what he wanted the vans to look like, but turned to a creative firm to help trans- late it to a working design. It's profession- al, simple yet bold, clean and powerful. Dominion's design is bold enough to catch the eye of prospective customers, while the cleanliness and professionalism of it instills confidence in the minds of em- ployees and existing customers. "When you're rebranding, the fleet is the most expensive thing to change," he says. "So you have to make sure the design works there first. Everything else is rela- tively easy to update." Keeping your fleet looking its best is certainly an investment. And, the larger the fleet, the more expensive it can be to wrap new vehicles year aer year. When Robert Hutchison, the designer with whom Tunnell had been working, was looking to go off on his own, Tunnell crunched the numbers. "I looked at how much we paid for each truck wrap versus how much it cost whole- sale, and weighed that against the cost of investing in Hutch's startup," Tunnell said. "What I realized is, that investment would pay for my fleet rebranding, and any other business Hutch pulled in would be profit." e result was Six-Eight Creative, a custom vinyl graphics shop owned and operated by Dominion Service Company. "We're a small company making a big impact in our area with forward thinking. If I could start all over again, I'd have wrapped my fleet a lot sooner than I did." Jeff Zuhlsdorf, Tin Man Heating & Cooling, Inc. continued on page 13

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