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15 HVACR BUSINESS JUNE 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Recently, Service Nation Alliance con- ducted a survey of its members' customers, and got back thousands of responses. One of the questions asked of these customers was: What works best when it comes to getting your attention? ere were three answers that came up more than any others. Online Reviews According to customers, the first way you can stand out is through online re- views. e typical shopper puts a lot of faith in those star ratings and testimonials. A company with a lot of positive re- views has a big advantage over one that doesn't. Unfortunately, there may be no way to generate enough reviews to catch up to some of the more established com- panies. Aer all, you can't simply go out and buy a bunch of 5-star reviews (right, Google?). Without a doubt, you should strive to create happy customers and good reviews, but you might never have enough to be the company that stands out from the crowd. Credible Promise e second way to stand out is by of- fering a credible, appealing promise. Potential customers want to know what's in store for them when they call your com- pany (peace of mind is a big selling point). A slogan or tagline or unique selling proposition can draw people in. at's a great way for a customer to differentiate between competitors when she lines them up side-by-side; but how do you get into that lineup? How will she even know your company exists or that you have the most appealing promise if you aren't visible to her? For your promise to attract new business it usually means you have to spend more of those erratic advertising dollars. Your Fleet e third way to stand out offers more hope for the average contractor. It's your truck. A large percentage of respondents said your company stands out when your trucks are frequently in their neighbor- hood. at's true, but only if your truck catches their attention. It can't look like all the other white vans in the neighborhood. White vans blend in. ey might as well be invisible to consumers. ere's a reason white vans are associ- ated with kidnappers — kidnappers don't want to be noticed or remembered. ey don't want to stand out. ey want to blend in. When it comes to white vans, YELLOW JACKET: THE TRUSTED CHOICE OF HVAC TECHS FOR 68 YEARS. YELLOW JACKET OMNI ™ DIGITAL VACUUM GAUGE Compact, easy-to-use, and more unique features than any other unit on the market. The easy-to-clean vacuum sensor handles 450 psi positive pressure and reads several units of vacuum (microns, millibar, Torr and Pascal). Audio and visual signals let you know when your target vacuum level is reached. It features a rich and intuitive user interface - turn it on and its ready to use with default settings. And the electronic paper display gives you clear visibility - even in direct sunlight. It has a 45° degree bend on the fitting (1/4" or 5/16"). VISIT YELLOWJACKET.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. continued on page 16

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