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8 HVACR BUSINESS JUNE 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION WINNER Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing Durand, Wisc. 18 vehicles GREG MERICLE, PRESIDENT When it comes time to rebrand your company, many smart contractors start with their most visible asset — their trucks — and go from there. "Our new truck design is part of a larg- er re-branding effort by our company," says Greg Mericle, president of Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing. "As a matter of fact, these wraps were stage one." Because of the mobility of the vans, Mericle and his team felt it was a great way to get the new design out in front of the public's eyes. Hurlburt first began unveiling the de- sign on its vans in April 2016, and current- ly have five newly wrapped vehicles with plans to upgrade the entire fleet. "e colors for our design came about as a matter of our design goal," Mericle says. "We wanted an attention-grabbing billboard that could be seen from a great distance." While some contractors might be hesi- tant with the price tag associated with de- signing and wrapping their fleet, Mericle didn't blink. He believes its money well spent. "When compared to other forms of physical advertising, the cost per impres- sion is incredibly low," he says. "And we've seen considerable return from our new design." Hurlburt's bold design helps set them apart from their competitors and they gain new customers every day who site the company's vans as a reason for calling. "Our customers love the new design and I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to pay more just to have one of our vans parked in their driveway," Mericle says. "Our em- ployees are incredibly proud of the new design too. "ey love the add- ed attention they get when driving around town," he adds. "I think it helps present them as the professionals they are and I want to do everything I can to highlight that professionalism." Mericle initially hired a design firm who presented several concepts, none of which possessed the elements he was aer. Finally, he enlisted the help of the graphics team at Service Nation Alliance. e re- sulting graphics feature bold, contrasting colors that stand out from other vehicles on the road, centered on the company's iconic "H" logo. "Our vans are branding vehicles as much as they are service vehicles," Mericle says. "Our company name in massive bold letters running at an angle down the en- tire length of the van is our best design element." For many contractors, fleet vehicles are the main — if not only — investment they make in marketing. It's an important line item in the budget to leave to chance, and smart contractors know how to make the most of their rolling billboards. It should go without saying, your fleet needs to quickly stand out. You have between four and 10 seconds to convey your message to other drivers. On the flip side, you want your vehicles to make a lasting impression when parked in a customer's drive- way or parking lot. "Great truck design is a perfect balance of three elements: imagery, vibrancy and legibility," says Joseph Kalinowski, creative director for the Content Marketing Institute. "The combination of the three will undoubtedly make a recognizable and memorable vehicle." Over the years, more and more contractors are investing in creative designs to set their fleet apart from the competition, which consistently elevates the quality of entries in our annual Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest. This year's winners — Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing, Krinkie's Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing and Tin Man Heating & Cooling, Inc. — perfectly illustrate what it means to leave a lasting impression. "When compared to other forms of physical advertising, the cost per impression is incredibly low. We've seen considerable return from our new design." Greg Mericle, Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing F L E E T D E S I G N C O N T E S T BY PETE GRASSO

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