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PRODUCT FOCUS » Commercial Refrigeration 23 HVACR BUSINESS JULY 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Bacharach Bacharach's HGM- MZ refrigerant monitor detects leaks that other instruments can't. An in- dustry-leading Minimum Detectable Level (MDL) of just 1ppm enables refrigerant leaks to be detected early and corrective action to be taken. Grocery store owners can use the HGM-MZ's 1ppm detection capability to de- liver cost savings and environmental benefits. Complimenting the HGM-MZ's 1ppm MDL, Bacharach provides the largest library of refrigerants which can be monitored, with over 50 halogenated gas calibrations programmed into each system. Monitoring up to 16 zones per system, the HGM-MZ also maintains the fastest sample frequency in the industry. e CO2- MZ version of the instrument meets to growing need for monitoring in stores using CO2 refrigerant. mybacharach.com Bitzer Bitzer's CKH recip- rocating compressors for transcritical CO2 applica- tions are compact and effi- cient, with the four-cylin- der model compressor offering range with displacements between 1.9 and 22.3 CFM. All of the models in the se- ries offer speed adjustment between 30 and 70 Hz and, thanks to their modern cylinder heads, work with low pressure pulsation. e CKH compressors are exceptionally robust and thus reduce the amount of servicing required as well as the costs of operating refrigeration systems. bitzer.de/us/us/ Carel EVD ice is a new control solution for CAREL ExV proportional electronic ex- pansion valves that can be installed directly on the evaporator, in cold rooms and other applications, with a revolutionary design in- tended specifically also for low temperature conditions. EVD ice is especially suited to installation in the facto- ry, since all accessory equipment is pre-cabled, including the electronic expansion valve and the sensors. is makes all the benefits in performance and energ y saving available without the need for cabling, welding or complex config- uration, and also offers the quality and reliability of a fac- tory tested and installed solution. carel.com Danfoss e Danfoss ERC 213 electronic temperature con- trol is designed to be easy. From its universal fit to its simple five-step setup, the ERC 213 meets the needs of today's refrigeration technician. e ERC 213 comes kitted with two temperature sen- sors and two clips to ensure easy and secure mounting. While kitted with two temperature sensors, the ERC 213 is also compatible with all common sensors, providing high flexibility in installation. With the capability to be programmed to initiate defrost, pump down cycles and more, the ERC 213 is the universal temperature control to fit your needs. danfoss.com/erc Embraco e EMC Compressor is a highly innovative compressor that uses natural refrigerant R290. It is designed for use in beverage coolers, vending ma- chines, under-counter coolers and reach-ins. e EMC Compressor is one of the world's most efficient single-speed compressors, consuming up to 30 percent less energ y than traditional compressors cur- rently sold in the United States. Recognized with an Honorable Mention by the AHR Innovation Awards, the EMC Compressor works with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and nearly zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), allowing manufactur- ers to meet the refrigerant regulation proposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SNAP program. embraco.com Emerson Emerson launched the lat- est update to its Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Condensing Unit (X-Line). While continuing to provide the highest annual energ y effi- ciency levels available, the latest update to the X-Line includes improved serviceability and communications options. By consolidating five different controls into a single module that supports operation, diagnostics, compressor protection and two-way communication, the unit can monitor system status and make necessary adjustments to maximize efficiency and reliability. e single module simplifies servicing by eliminating multiple components. emersonclimate.com/copelandoutdoorunit ICOR Clean shot is a simple system flush that, when used correctly, will help ensure contaminants and de- bris commonly le in a system will be easily and safely removed. ICOR recommends using clean shot on equipment that has expe- rienced a compressor burn-out to assist with removing unwanted acids and contaminants from the system. icorinternational.com Parker Sporlan ZoomLock flame-free pipe connectors are the faster, easi- er and safer way to join copper tubing in HVAC/R applica- tions for pressures up to 700 psi. ZoomLock fittings work with exclusive crimping technolog y, so there's no brazing needed. One technician can quickly do the connecting job alone with- out a torch, permits, or safety equipment. ZoomLock fittings are available from ¼" to 1-3/8" as Couplings, Slip Couplings, Long Radius Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps and SAE flares. ZoomLock flame-free fittings have jaws available for RIDGID compact series press tools. Also, ZoomLock compatible ball valves, so- lenoids, filter-driers and moisture indicators are available, and when used with ZoomLock make your job of joining copper tubes simpler and faster. e biggest benefit is im- proved efficiency, more productivity and increased profit potential. zoomlock.com SPX SPX Cooling Technologies' Series M Geareducers are designed and manufactured to di- rectly and easily replace other OEM gearboxes in field-erected cooling towers. e Geareducer's primary function is to reduce the speed of the electric motor to optimize fan perfor- mance. is gear drive goes beyond the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) requirements to maximize air movement through the cooling tower and to minimize maintenance. It provides primary support to the fan, anchors it against lateral movement, with- stands shock loads at start-up and during speed chang- es, and minimizes power transmission losses and noise generation. spxcooling.com

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