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Safer, Quicker and More Affordable Quick-Sling by Diversitech products cut down on installation time, making each job fast and profitable. BUSINESS INSIGHTS » COMPONENTS T ypically, to create a functional and safe mounting system to support furnaces, air conditioning units or air handlers, technicians need to assemble approximately 12 separate materials (steel beams, side beam hangers, washers, nuts and bolts, etc.). Frustrated with this time-consuming task on each installation, Bill Crowley knew there had to be a better way. In 2011, he invented the Quick-Sling — a mount- ing system that comes 80 percent already assembled and cuts installation time down from nearly two hours to just minutes. Crowley's next hurdle, however, was getting his product out to the industry so that other contractors like him could benefit from this new, easier way of installing equipment. For that, he joined forces with DiversiTech Corporation. "I knew DiversiTech's reputation and distribution advantages would enable Quick-Sling products to reach a wider range of wholesale customers and contractors," Crowley says. "is partnership provides multiple ad- vantages, not the least of which is to help contractors grow their businesses." DiversiTech's partnership with Quick-Sling was one of several acquisitions as it continues its aggressive strateg y to bring contractors world-class products and services while making each customer more profitable. Crowley understood that merely having a means to distribute Quick-Sling to a wider audience was only part of the solution. Convincing contractors to change they way they were used to doing things was also a challenge. "I know it can be difficult to try something new," he says. "But when something is truly faster, easier and more profitable, there's no way you can ignore it. at's another reason Quick-Sling was a perfect fit for DiversiTech, a company whose mission is to intro- duce solutions to make the contractor's job simpler. HVACR Business spoke with Crowley about the BILL CROWLEY Vice President of Mounting Systems DiversiTech Corporation 800-699-0453 quick-sling.com BUSINESS INSIGHTS: Components is brought to you by DiversiTech FOLLOW UP: Looking to simplify installation? Browse through DiversiTech's extensive catalog and learn how they can provide you the products you need to drive your business: diversitech.com evolution of Quick-Sling and how much easier it makes installations. What has been the reaction from the industry? When I first started selling the Quick-Sling, the most common reaction I got from contractors was: 'Why didn't I think of that?' It's such a simple idea, but no one was do- ing it. Anything that makes each job easier to do and saves time is a huge advantage. As contractors, we're always looking to be more efficient, both with time and money. Over the years, the feedback I've gotten from other contractors has been tremendous. e industry wouldn't be so receptive of Quick-Sling if it didn't work … but it does work, and contractors love it. What's the biggest advantage of using a Quick-Sling product? It's the time savings, for sure. ink about all that goes into buying threaded rod, unistrut and zip ties, and then trying to put together every installation like a jig saw puz- zle, each one unique. In some cases, time savings is measured in hours. Sometimes, you can spend up to two hours just gathering the materials you need and fabricating the mount … with the Quick-Sling, that entire process is cut down to as little as 30 minutes. e quick install time allows contractors to work more efficiently and increase their bottom line. How safe is a pre-assembled mounting system? Quick-Sling mounting products are rigorously engi- neered and tested. is means contractors and their cus- tomers can rest assured that their installations will meet federal, state and local building and safety codes. Moreover, Quick-Sling Super Stand models are seis- mic-certified and have an outstanding safety overturning factor compared with similar systems. You started with just that simple sleigh mount — how has Quick-Sling evolved from that? e full suite now spans seven different product lines: Quick-Slings, Quick-Stands, Mini-Split Stands, Quick- Swivels, Wall-Brackets, Boiler Brackets and Super Stands. Our HVAC 12-inch Mini Split Stand is the number one selling HVAC stand in North America. anks to DiversiTech, we also offers a wide array of accessory products. All seven products are OEM recommended and de- signed and engineered for the application for predictable and repeatable installations. In addition, all Quick-Sling products are manufactured in the U.S. and patented for their engineering innovation. u 24 HVACR BUSINESS JULY 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com

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