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13 HVACR BUSINESS AUGUST 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Don't bore them — just convince them you know what you're doing and your business practices suit their needs. 3. How soon will you solve my problem? Same. Day. Service. Many times, if you can't get to them before the other guys, they're already calling the other guys. 4. How much will it cost me? Contractors always get hung up on this one for some reason. In the digital era, a lack of transparency is a non-starter. Harsh truth alert: You wouldn't take your car to a shop that couldn't give you some basic cost information and a confi- dent assessment of the price range of the kind of repairs you need. No HVACR company should expect to be treated any differently. If you want them to become paying customers, your site visitors need at least a square-one idea of what they're getting into financially. Of course you can't commit to a bid or quote without an on-site visit, but you can make a compelling offer on the diagnostic fees and include a discount on any paid repair that results from your technician visiting their home. 5. Can I trust your company and staff? Trustworthiness is another distinct nonstarter. Every tip thus far is about building trust capital. You'll have laid some groundwork by addressing the first four questions, but now you need to con- vince them that you're the Real McCoy. You're the only appropriate judge of your best characteristics. e trick is to balance your professional pride with an apparent and sincere respect for your read- ers. You have to show them you're fantastic — but you can't simply brag, either. It's a bit of a tightrope, but it's naviga- ble. It's also crucial that you spend some real time on this, because visitors to your site are skeptical and they can smell a com- promise a digital mile away. ere is no room for doubt. ey have to be sure. 6. How are you different from your competition? Every company swears they're the best. What compelling evidence can you offer that you will provide them with the great- est value? Without realizing it, every customer is always performing a cost/benefit analysis in their brains when researching HVACR contractors and repair technicians. Your content has to address that tendency. Present yourself as honest, experienced, innovative and maybe (here's a shocker) personable, and you'll separate yourself from the businesslike tedium of a lot of HVACR sites out there. 7. Do you have any compelling deals for me? You'd better, because you can bet some- one else does. 8. Are your services risk-free? Your potential customers are all risk- averse. is isn't skydiving school. A sat- isfaction guarantee is a company putting their money where their mouth is, rather than expecting a customer to assume all the risk. Keep it simple and offer all your services 100 percent risk-free to each prospect. e company that displays that kind of confi- dence is going to earn more business. 9. What forms of payment do you accept? Again, this is a good time for the answer to be all of them. For your system instal- lations page, offer interest-free financing and complete systems from just $XX per month (select the lowest payment factor you offer). Place the credit card logo image on each page of your website between 3-4 times, depending on the length of the content. If there's a traditional transaction type which you are unprepared to accept (AMEX, for example), you've just lost the business of any client for whom that is a preferred payment method. 10. What do I do next? Every single paragraph of your website should be focused on this question. Your visitors should not be wondering ; they should be clicking or dialing. If you're generating leads, each page of your web- site should include a lead-capture (email) form without the distraction of navigating to the "contact us" page. Your company name, address and phone number should be prominently dis- played on each page. Your visitors should never be le in the dark. Keep Viewers Planted Just as a movie depends on a great di- rector to weave a riveting narrative, a good HVACR website depends on persuasive and empathetic content. Keep them planted in their seat or they'll simply dump the popcorn and walk out on you. Website content is the only proven way to keep a visitor's attention long enough to convert them into a customer. u Michael Haines is a Florida licensed HVAC contractor and the founder of ACDirect.com in 2001, the longest running air conditioning and heating e-commerce site in the country. His personal HVAC websites have generated more than 17,000,000 visitors and were featured in the INC 5000, two years in a row. 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