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20 HVACR BUSINESS AUGUST 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com PRODUCT FOCUS » Residential Zoning, Air Distribution & Controls American Standard An American Standard AccuLink Zoning System gives you even more con- trol over your home heat- ing and cooling. AccuLink is convenient and easy to use, letting you set specific temperatures for individu- al zones in the house. Acting as both a sensor and a thermostat, the Wired Zoning Sensor with Display lets you monitor and adjust the temperature in a specific zone. It can also work hand in hand with the Platinum ZV Control for consistent comfort across all zones in your home. americanstandardair.com Arzel e patented EzySlide dampers are available in over 70 stock sizes so it is easy to find the size and shape that best fits any application. If you don't see the size or shape that will fit your appli- cation call your local distributor to order a custom size. e rectangular EzySlide dampers have the mounting plate and actuator mounted on either the side or bottom of the damper. If the mounting plate and actuator is on the longer dimension the damper is referred to as a bot- tom-mount damper. If the mounting plate and actuator is on the shorter dimension the damper is referred to as a side-mount damper. arzelzoning.com Broan New homes are tightly built to save en- erg y, but this can oen times have a negative impact on the home without proper venti- lation. To combat the issue of poor ventila- tion, today's homes need balanced ventilation throughout the day to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Broan offers a wide selection of innovative balanced ventilation solutions. Residential balanced ventilation systems introduce fresh air alone, or include heat recovery (HRV) or energ y recovery (ERV) features and are avail- able in a variety of unit sizes to best match the square foot- age requirements of a home or small office. broan.com EWC Controls e Ultra-Zone Smart By-Pass Damper (SBD) captures the total static pressure of the HVAC system during a non- zoned mode, and mod- ulates to maintain that same static pressure during any zoned mode. As individual zone dampers open and close, the HVAC system static will fluctuate. To maintain the true static pressure of the HVAC system during zoned modes, the SBD will sense the current static pressure in the duct system and modulate to maintain the designed operating static pressure of the HVAC system. ewccontrols.com Field Controls Field Controls' Fresh Air Dampers (FAD) remain closed until in- structed to open by the Healthy Home System Control (HHSC). It then opens to allow fresh air to be pulled into the return plenum where it is mixed with conditioned air, filtered, and distributed to the rest of the house. FAD features durable, stainless steel construction, energ y efficient operation and a reliable, proven design. When there is a call for fresh air, the HHSC opens the damper allowing fresh air to enter the HVAC return. When the HHSC is satisfied, the damper is closed. fieldcontrols.com Honeywell As a result of feedback from hundreds of contrac- tors, Honeywell took its popular TrueZONE Panels and made them even better. When used with RedLINK- enabled TrueZONE Panels, the Wireless Adapter allows you to easily — and wirelessly — add zoning to a home or add more zones to an existing system. RedLINK Wireless ermostats eliminate the need to run wires, while the patented digital installer setup and push terminals for wiring means no screwdriver is re- quired. Plus, TrueZONE's standardized checkout process helps eliminate callbacks by ensuring that the system is operating properly before the installer leaves the jobsite. forwardthinking.honeywell.com Jackson Systems e Web Comfort WEB-T32P thermostat from Jackson Systems is a rugged, industrial control that communicates with the Web Comfort Energ y Manager. is universal thermo- stat features an integrated Modbus transceiver that connects to the Web Comfort Energ y Manager through a secure Zigbee mesh network. is design allows each thermostat to communicate with other thermostats, extending the range and ensuring a strong and reliable signal. jacksonsystems.com Lau Lau's C Series wheels & blowers feature lightweight, light duty forward curve wheel specifically designed for residential furnace and air handler applications. C Series wheel use Dovlok center disk construction for positive alignment, with diameters ranging from 9- to 15-inches. Available in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, the C Series wheels and housings are made of galvanized steel. laufan.com Titus e Titus Helios is a wireless digital variable air volume (VAV) diffuser, pro- viding ventilation for indoor spaces to elevate occupant comfort and improve indoor air quality. e HVACR industry's first digital diffuser powered by both ambient light and direct sunlight, Helios features a wireless solar cell that is easily installed and provides no- table energ y savings. Ideal for use in a wide range of applications — includ- ing office, healthcare and educational environments — the Titus Helios provides highly efficient, industry leading technolog y for promoting a healthy indoor environment. titus-hvac.com

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