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PRODUCT FOCUS ยป Commercial High Performance & Green Bosch e Bosch Climate 6000 AH Commercial Air Handlers are de- signed for indoor or outdoor applications. e Climate 6000 AH is available in 10 basic sizes ranging from 4,000 through 38,000 CFM. Heating and cooling coils are available as hydronic or DX. e most defining feature of the Bosch Climate 6000 AH Air Handler is its innovative cabinet design. Double wall panels on a framework of supports are unique due to their dual suitability for both indoor and outdoor instal- lations. Due to the Climate 6000 AH's use of a sealing fin and gasketing to minimize air leakage, it's currently the most effective solution on the market today. bosch-climate.us Carrier e AquaForce 30XV air-cooled screw chiller with Greenspeed intelli- gence is powered by variable-speed technolog y that deliv- ers best-in-class energ y efficiency and a quieter operation, with a tiered approach for a broader operating range and design flexibility. e AquaForce 30XV is the next step in Carrier's com- mitment to remain at the forefront of commercial climate control technolog y. Carrier's relentless focus on innova- tion has yielded an industry-leading integrated part-load value, making it the most efficient chiller serving applica- tions from 140 to 325 tons. carrier.com ClimateMaster ClimateMaster's Rx ERV module provides a cost-ef- fective method for bringing in outside air through the use of energ y recovery technolog y. One LEED point can be gained for meeting LEED require- ments for air changes per hour. In addition, up to 70 percent of the energ y can be recovered from the building's exhaust air, saving 3 tons of equipment capacity for every 1,000 cfm of outside air. Smaller equipment directly impacts building life cycle costs and lowers up-front installation costs. Another LEED point can be added for control of outside air using ClimateMaster's CO2 sensor to control the Rx ERV module. climatemaster.com Daikin e ECM fan array in Vision and Skyline meets a long-standing need for smarter motors that contrib- ute substantial energ y sav- ings per year. Available for both return and supply con- figurations, this fan array can accommodate up to 20 ECM fans manufactured in 40 unique arrangements to meet application requirements. With space at a premium, specifying an air handler with a tight footprint is ideal. ECM is mounted directly to its impeller for a compact design that eliminates nearly three feet of cabinet space. It is 46 percent narrower than models with direct drive motors and 52 percent narrower than models with belt-drive fans. e redesigned system has fewer and lighter-weight parts, helping to reduce chal- lenges related to serviceability and maintenance. daikinapplied.com Danfoss Danfoss has extended its range of compressors to now include Danfoss Scrolls with Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) technolog y to offer func- tional benefits and savings throughout the lifecycle of a system, from development and operating costs to servic- ing and maintenance. e compressors, which are designed to deliver the most cost-effective solution for the next generation of rooop units and chillers with R-410A, will be released gradually through the end of 2016. ey will also be qual- ified with lower GWP refrigerants by the end of 2017 to fulfill the expectations of the transition to alternative refrigerants. danfoss.us Lennox e Strategos rooop units have efficiency ratings that are dramati- cally higher than the most stringent requirements of the U.S. Department of Energ y and ASHRAE. In fact, the Strategos product line features efficiencies that are up to 66 percent more efficient. ENERGY STAR qualified units with efficiency ratings up to 16.1 SEER, 14.3 EER and 16.4 IPLV provide both immediate and long-term energ y savings. lennoxcommercial.com Trane e Ingersoll Rand EcoWise portfolio of products designed to lower environmental impact with next-gen- eration, low global warming potential (GWP) refriger- ants and high- efficiency operation is part of our climate commitment to increase energ y efficiency and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Part of the EcoWise portfolio of products, CenTraVac chillers can operate with either R-123 or low global warm- ing potential refrigerants R-514A or R-1233zd - both fea- turing an ultra-low GWP of less than 2. Trane CenTraVac centrifugal chiller is the first commercial chiller in the world to earn product-specific Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) registration based on a third-party life cycle assessment. trane.com Vertiv Vertiv's Liebert iCOMTM Autotuning is an adaptive intel- ligence and machine learning soware system that improves cooling system re- liability, increases efficiency and significantly extends sys- tem life. Typical data center cooling systems have multiple control systems for individual mechanical components, such as chillers, CRAC units, economizers and others. Liebert iCOM Autotuning applies machine learn- ing and advanced algorithms to regulate Liebert Direct Expansion (DX) compressors or chilled water valves in a way that brings the rest of the system components into balance and stabilizes airflow and temperature. vertvco.com Waterfurnace e WaterFurnace line of commercial variable capacity water source and geothermal systems offers the industry the absolute best in efficiency while maintaining the small cabinet your building needs. Available in 3-6 ton as well as 10 and 15 ton models, the commercial variable capacity product features Aurora Advanced Controls with true energ y, refrigeration, and optional performance monitoring. e variable speed unit operates at the speed it needs to condition the space and varies itself between 20 and 100 percent capacity resulting in the most efficient and comfortable conditioning possible. waterfurnace.com 21 HVACR BUSINESS AUGUST 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com

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