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11 HVACR BUSINESS SEPTEMBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com BY JIM BASTON A fine watch is like a good field service organization. It serves its customers accurately and is consistently on time. You can only see the face of the watch and that's what you depend on to give you great service (accurately tell you the time). e watch, however, depends on many moving parts to operate flawlessly and many of these you cannot see. In field service, the face of the watch is the service provided — usually by your field service team. Although the customer may only see the field service technician, however, the quality of the technician's interaction depends upon many moving parts that are not seen — other people within the organization as well as processes and systems. Exceptional customer service depends upon everyone in your company being focused on delivering a defined service experience through their field service operatives. If anything falls out of sync, the overall experience can be adversely affected. Define the Customer Experience Every organization delivers a service experience. For your company, that experience is your service brand. Your service brand is what customers and prospective customers think and feel about you and it's based on their experience of working with you through the interactions they have with your customer facing personnel — primarily your field service team. Each of you has a service brand. e question is, do you define and manage it or do you allow others to define it for you? e starting point for a service organization is to clearly define the experience you want your customers to have when engaging you. What do you want your customers to think about you? What do you want your customers to feel about you? What do you want your customers to say about you? DELIVER AN EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE EXPERIENCE continued on page 12 Ensure all team members, both seen and unseen, act together to contribute to an exceptional customer experience by Quick Swivel QSWI Series • Fits almost all unit heaters • Flexible ceiling mounting options • 360 º - Direct Flow More trusted DiversiTech ® brand products you can use with confidence. Insanely Quick & Easy QSWI3000 QSWI2000 QSWI1000 QSWI5000 QSWI3001 Simplify your work. Learn more at quick-sling.com

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