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12 HVACR BUSINESS SEPTEMBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com Within this context, think about what your brand looks like in action. What customer needs are you addressing ? How do the various roles in the company coordinate to meet those needs? How will you know when you are addressing the customer needs? Articulate Each Role Everyone contributes to the customer service experience. e most obvious contributors are the field service technicians, but the experience they create depends on many people. A system that does not provide accurate information on the work order instructions may cause your technician to appear unprepared. A lapse in scheduling efficiency could give the impression that you are not dependable. A rude telephone reception may suggest that your organization is cold and unfriendly. Experience into Actions Once you understand the dependencies between roles and how they jointly contribute to the service experience, you can begin to define the expectations for each role. How will you greet the customer when you answer the telephone? is applies to everyone in your company who receives calls, not just the receptionist. How quickly will you respond to emails? By translating the service experience into actions that each role must take, you're providing everyone in the organization the roadmap that will contribute to delivering an exceptional customer service experience. Processes and Systems It's also important to evaluate the technolog y, tools and processes that you have at your disposal to determine how you can utilize them to support exceptional service experience delivery. For example, how can the hand- held devices be used to help the field professional deliver on the brand? What processes need to be modified to facilitate your field service professionals' actions? What information should be included on the work order to ensure your field team comes prepared? What processes and systems are in place to keep everyone informed so that they can respond intelligently to a customer request? Be Relentless Exceptional service delivery means that everyone must be fulfilling his or her role as defined consistently every day. Be relentless. Address deviations from expected performance wherever and whenever it occurs and not rationalize off-brand behavior as "acceptable" due to some reason or another. To do so, will result in the organization slowly reverting back to old behaviors. u Jim Baston is president of BBA Consulting Group Inc., a management consulting and training firm dedicated to helping technical service firms leverage the untapped potential in their business-development efforts. For additional information, visit jimbaston.com. continued from page 11 W W W . U E I T E S T. C O M Copyright ©2017 Kane USA Inc. All Rights Reserved. *Patent pending I I True RMS Digital Clamp-On Meter DL489 Digital Micron Gauge DMG150 Dual Differential Pressure Adapter DPA1 CATIV Clamp-On Meter and Voltage Tester* DL220 Smart Wireless Refrigeration Scale 220 WRS220 Consider each role and every process and system in your organization and identify how each contributes to delivering the defined customer service experience.

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