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19 HVACR BUSINESS SEPTEMBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com BY RON SMITH Motivate Your Coworkers STRATEGY I believe motivating is inspiring people to take action — hopefully, positive action. e ability to motivate comes naturally to some leaders but more are not blessed with the characteristic. Clearly, companies that have motivated coworkers produce better results and have less coworker turnover. I doubt many owners and leaders real- ize the opportunity they themselves have in getting their coworkers to behave in the manner they would like for them to behave. ose owners and other leaders do not realize how closely the coworkers are watching them. I've seen company af- ter company where the coworkers actually emulate the owner, particularly if he or she has a lot of presence in the company. Here is a principle in which I deeply believe: As an owner or leader in your company, your beliefs — the issues you bring up in your discussions and in your presentations, the thoughts or opinions that you verbalize, certainly your attitude and your feelings — will result in actions by your coworkers. Coworkers want to see commit- ment from the top. Tom Peters' and Bob Waterman's book, "In Search of Excellence," released back in 1982 is one of my all-time very favorite business books. In the book they talk about Management by Walking Around (MBWA). is is an extremely effective management principle. Effective leaders ensure rewards. Coworkers are motivated to take positive action and will do what you would like them to do if you will share in the rewards. Recognition For a long while this was a difficult thing for me to do and I don't know why, as I've always loved to be recognized. Practice the old saying : recognize people in front of others, discipline people in private. Recognizing people is not difficult. Here are two examples: "Ken, thanks for going out to Mrs. Jones' house late last night and taking care of her AC problem. We all know that she can be tough to work with and I really appreciate what you did". Another example is: "Cindy, you do a great job of dispatching the service techs. You are always here and you have a great positive and enthusiastic attitude. You are a good influence on the techs. anks, I appreciate it." ink about this. Your remark was true and Cindy knows it. You just made Cindy's day and it only took a few minutes of your time. Another habit I developed was to oc- casionally send a personal letter of thanks to a selected coworker's home. It was not a card or a short note but a full page from the big boss. Self-esteem We should be concerned about improving our coworkers' esteem and how it can lead to motivation and improved positive results. It's our job as leaders to help our co- workers feel better about themselves. Customers enjoy and appreciate being served by confident people with pride in what they are doing. Each coworker continued on page 20 Coworkers are motivated to take positive action and will do what you would like them to do if you share in the rewards. should be furnished a stock of your com- pany's business cards with their name printed on them. In addition to the cards contributing to a coworker's self-esteem, you can train them on the proper use of their cards as a method of contributing to sales.

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