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PRODUCT FOCUS ยป Commercial Building Automation & Controls AirTest Technologies AirTest is pleased to introduce a line of Wi-Fi communicating sen- sors that significantly reduce the cost of retrofitting state-of-the-art sensor technologies into exist- ing buildings by using Wi-Fi net- works already in place. Products include sensors for measuring CO2 and Temperature (TR9299-wifi), Dew Point and Temperature (TR9399-wifi). Data from the sensors can be easily routed to an AirTest hosted Cloud Monitoring Service, to local wired BACnet or Modbus building control systems or to any 3rd party IP communicating controller or service accessible via the internet. airtest.com Carrier Commercial building op- erators need flexible solutions to help control their building's heating, cooling and light- ing systems. To address that, Carrier has enhanced its i-Vu building automation system to include a new line of self-pow- ered, wireless space sensors. ese new sensors provide flexible installation options, allowing building climates to be controlled for optimum comfort and energ y efficiency. e new wireless sensors monitor a variety of building conditions including temperature, humidity, motion and light as well as the opening and closing of doors and win- dows. e data is then shared with the i-Vu building au- tomation system so users can develop intelligent control strategies to optimize the control of HVAC and lighting systems in the building. carrier.com Cooper-Atkins EnviroTrak Wireless Monitoring System is a customizable, facil- ity-wide solution for monitoring environ- mental conditions. It is an exception-based system that sends out alerts only when limits are exceeded and elimi- nates manual data collection. EnviroTrak can monitor an unlimited number of data points in an unlimited number of locations and will pro- vide custom reporting for any new HACCP regulations cooper-atkins.com Danfoss With the VLT BACnet/ IP MCA 125 option, Danfoss Drives elevates the perfor- mance of a BACnet-enabled AC drive to unseen heights, by complying with the B-AAC (BACnet Advanced Application Controller) profile. Some of the features of the VLT BACnet/IP MCA 125 include subscribe COV which reduces polling for data from the BMS, alarm and event management that can au- tomatically send alarms without polling, and trend object which allows the user to trend inside the drive and not tie up the BMS. All of these features increase the network bandwidth through reduced polling and data transfer, allowing for higher numbers of network devices and reducing irrele- vant data communication on the network. danfoss.us Johnson Controls Users can now easily integrate their VRF sys- tems with a BACnet or LonWorks system with enhanced adapters, or can use a remote-access, web-based dedicated system. e Johnson Controls BACnet adapter soware, which can control up to 64 refrigerant systems and 160 indoor unit. e new LonWorks adapter provides similar function- ality for the LonWorks open protocol. e new Web- enabled central controller's Web-based interface allows a VRF system to be controlled and monitored by up to five local or remote Windows-based PCs and/or tablets. johnsoncontrols.com MSA Building engineers and contrac- tors who are installing or maintaining energ y-saving Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems will find the highly reliable Chillgard VRF Refrigerant Leak Detector with inte- grated BACNet capability from MSA provides advanced leak detection technolog y to protect the respiratory safe- ty of building and facility occupants. Designed with MSA's advanced photoacoustic infrared (PAIR) sensing technolog y, Chillgard VRF Refrigerant Detectors operate with a stable zero baseline. PAIR tech- nolog y eliminates sensor dri and allows operation for lengthy periods over temperatures ranging from 32-140F and up to 95 percent relative humidity levels without ad- justment or maintenance. msasafety.com Parker Sporlan Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and con- trol technologies, has add- ed refrigeration-specific tools to the SMART fam- ily. SMART and SMART Pro/R Service Tools are lightweight wireless sensors that conveniently sync with a mobile device app, enabling you to read a system's real-time pressures and temperatures without using cumbersome hoses or manifold gauges. Leveraging an existing smartphone or tablet, this wire- less system frees the contractors to monitor system per- formance anywhere within Bluetooth range, minimizing charge loss and cleanup by eliminating hoses, and mini- mizing unnecessary steps. sporlanonline.com Ruskin e Ruskin TDP05K advanced thermal dis- persion air measurement system for air flow and temperature measuring averages multiple velocity and temperature points within the duct or plenum โ€” arriving at the most accurate air measurements possible for demanding applications. Users can specify up to 16 probes for any given open- ing, providing a maximum of 128 sensing points, each ca- pable of measuring a velocity range from 0 to 5,000 fpm. Sensors are calibrated at 25 points. e primary probe re- places the transmitter, simplifying installation. Probes are daisy-chained together โ€” wired from probe to probe โ€” eliminating proprietary wire connections between each probe and a transmitter box. ruskin.com WAGO WAGO has added a new member to the PFC200 Family, the PLC with PROFIBUS DP Master in- terface. e high-performing 750-8208 retains the compact size, large memory and secure VPN and firewall of the PFC200 product line. is module comes equipped with two Ethernet ports, as well as CAN and Serial interfaces. e PFC200 with PROFIBUS DP Master interface expands the application scope of the PFC200 family, ex- tending its capabilities as a reliable and economical gate- way between multiple fieldbuses. wago.us 29 HVACR BUSINESS SEPTEMBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com

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