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11 HVACR BUSINESS OCTOBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com While riding with your technicians, be clear on your expectations. Don't assume they understand what you're looking to see. If you're expecting them to follow a specific process that you have trained on and they don't know that, confusion is the result. It's critical the person doing the ride- along not only communicates the expec- tation but models the expectation. Your processes should be held high. If you do not set the standards when you're with your technicians, then they certainly will not be followed when you're not. When riding, you should be the second technician. If the customer knows you're the boss, the whole dynamic changes. e customer will start directing their questions to you instead of the primary technician and you'll lose the ability to be the observer. ere may be times when you become the performer, but this should be discussed and agreed upon prior to the call. You spend a lot of time, energ y and money training your technicians. If the rest of your processes are seemingly tight, you'll not know what is going on unless you do ride-alongs. is is where the rubber meets the road at the fundamental level. is is where you see if the training is sticking and be- ing applied or if you need to correct your approach. e time you spend mentoring and bonding with your employees in the field is solid gold. ere is a natural connection when you buy lunch or a coffee and discuss the day. Being in the attic or under the house and helping your technician cra their customer options is a high-return activity. When they see you suit up and work with them, it oen changes their perception of you. Remember to document the ride-along and set actionable items to follow up with on your next ride. By keeping a ride-along log, you won't forget the action items to which you agreed. Failing to follow up on an action item is like a teacher not correcting your home- work, so don't miss an opportunity to praise. By developing your technicians in the field through a consistent ride- along process, you'll measure noticeable improvement in your key performance indicators, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Have fun and lead from the front. u Easy Up. KnuckleHeads are engineered to elevate and secure pipes, conduit, channel, solar arrays, cable trays, ductwork and more. Easy-to-install KnuckleHeads can be loose laid, mechanically fastened or adhered to a single ply membrane with Chem Li k M-1 ® adhesive/sealant. Molded from rugged glass-reinforced nylon, each Knucklehead can carry up to 600 lbs. of weight and provide elevations up to 18". KnuckleHeads are much lower cost than most pipe support systems on the market and easy installation keeps labor costs down. Visit us at greenlinkengineering.com for details 888.672.9897 Jodie Deegan is a Nexstar Network training implementation coach. Informed by working more than 25 years in the HVACR, plumbing and electrical fields, Jodie assists residential contractors in guiding their technicians toward new processes and behaviors that stick. For additional information, visit nexstarnetwork.com, email membership@nexstarnetwork.com or call 888-240-7827.

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