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PRODUCT FOCUS ยป Residential Hydronic & Radiant Heating A. O. Smith A. O. Smith's 540P tankless model integrates a recirculation pump to provide instant hot wa- ter in residential applications with dedicated recirculation lines. e pump is easily controlled with a simple user interface and multiple pump settings, which allow for customized operation to both meet hot water needs and maximize efficiency. e onboard computer modulates combustion to yield an impressive Energ y Factor of 0.95, while meeting ultra-low NOx gas emissions standards. As part of the condensing tankless family, the 540P model uses up to 199,000 BTU per hour, providing instant hot water while being environmentally friendly. aosmith.com Bosch Bosch Hydronic Air Handlers offer an efficient, compact and advanced home heating system. e Bosch Hydronic Air Handler can replace furnaces with a ducted system, eliminating the need for a gas pipe, venting and fresh air intake required for furnaces. e entire system is easily managed by an integrated control board that connects to the home's thermostat. When the thermostat calls for heat, the air handler immediately activates the integrated pump, turn- ing on the fan 30 seconds later, allowing the heat exchang- er to preheat to deliver comfortable warm air from start- up. Aer the thermostat is satisfied, the blower runs an additional 30 seconds to deliver conditioned air. boschheatingandcooling.com. Taco e Taco 0015e3 by Taco Comfort Solutions is the only three-setting, ECM-powered circulator on the market. With three easy settings, the 0015e3 replaces all three-speed hydronic circulators in its class. Its variable speed, high-efficiency ECM motor also uses up to 85 percent less electricity. e 0015e3 is the solution for contractors who want the durability, efficiency and simplicity of other Taco ECM circulators, but prefer the option of three easy set- tings. e circulator is ideal for hydronic systems zoned with circulators or zone valves, and provides three max- imum-feet-of-head pressure settings to match system requirements. tacocomfort.com. Commercial Heating & VRF Systems Daikin Daikin's new DVS Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) Air Handling Unit (AHU) is designed for seamless integration with VRV air-cooled heat recovery outdoor units and control systems to provide conditioning of 100 per- cent outside ventilation air. e DVS DOAS AHU was engineered to condition outside air so the comfort system can operate to meet the internal loads while the DVS DOAS AHU's for VRV Systems conditions the outside air and can also deliver neu- tral air to the space. An Energy Recovery Wheel (ERW) section can reduce the mechanical cooling capacity of the system compared to a system without an ERW section. northamerica-daikin.com Fujitsu Fujitsu General America, Inc. has expanded its Airstage V-II VRF equip- ment line of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pumps, with enhanced ca- pabilities and operational efficiencies. e latest series now includes 6, 8, and 10-ton condensers, helping to reduce the number of condensers in certain configurations. V-II 230V/3-phase, zoned VRF systems offer large capacity, operational efficiencies up to 24.30 IEER (to AHRI 1230 standard) and are an ideal heating/cooling solution for small and large buildings. Airstage systems avail a lineup from 6 to 24 tons with a connectable indoor unit capacity ratio up to 150 percent. fujitsugeneral.com LG e Multi V 5 unit boasts the benefits of VRF technolog y, as well as enhanced features to ensure users have improved comfort and ener- g y-efficient function. e unit's Dual Sensing Control capabilities allow the unit to perform real-time climate eval- uations of both temperature and humidity level, creating a fuller picture for optimal comfort, not offered in tradi- tional air conditioning or majority of VRF models. For further improved efficiency, LG's Multi V 5 boasts LG's Smart Load Control, which makes it possible to con- trol the outdoor unit's discharge refrigerate temperature, increasing efficiency up to 31 percent. lghvac.com Nortek Global Nortek Global HVAC introduc- es a new line of commercial VRF multi-zone systems. e complete line consists of V5 mini VRF heat pumps, V5 modular heat pumps, and V5 heat recovery systems. e V5 mini VRF systems are designed for light com- mercial or residential applications. eir compact design and thinner profile make them adaptable to tight spaces. Up to 984 feet (300 meters) of total pipe length simpli- fies installation. All feature an energ y-efficient, ultra-quiet DC inverter compressor and powerful heating capacity in low ambient temperatures. nortekhvac.com Samsung Samsung's VRF systems are also known as DVM (Digital Variable Multi) S systems. e DVM S product lineup consists of: heat pump, heat recovery, water, and chiller systems. DVM S systems range from 6 tons to 20 tons. Each DVM S system is equipped with an inverter scroll com- pressor and flash or vapor injection technolog y. ese systems are oen space saving and provide high-energ y efficiency to help achieve better performance, reducing installation and maintenance costs. Samsung's DVM Chiller combines the strength of both VRF and traditional chiller systems. samsunghvac.com Trane Meeting building and space require- ments today and in the future requires unique HVAC solutions. e Trane ProSpace Circular Cassette blends su- perior heating and cooling performance with attractive design. ese indoor units deliver reliable, even cooling and heating for single spaces. It features a unique 360-degree Circular Airwave design that eliminates dras and uneven temperatures throughout a single space; a bladeless design with no sur- face area to become stained or contaminated allows for distribution of cleaner, healthier air. It's attractive design blends easily into interior spaces. trane.com/prospace 20 HVACR BUSINESS OCTOBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com

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