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PRODUCT FOCUS » Tools & Instruments Diversitech Flex Inject is the fastest, most effective proven way to perma- nently seal and prevent minor air condition- ing and refrigeration (AC/R) leaks. With no tools or gauges re- quired, the Flex Inject sealant works by travel- ling through the system with the oil and refrigerant fixing leaks immediately. Flex Inject works with all compressors, heat pumps, condensers, and other system components and it will not plug up manifold gauges, metering devices, thermo- static expansion valves (TXVs), pistons or cause cap tube blockages. diversitech.com E Instruments e Model 7899 Gas Sniffer is a portable, rugged and easy-to-use leak detection tool ideal for any industrial or HVACR professional. e 7899 is equipped with a highly sensitive tip to Pin-Point small leaks of any combustible gases and hy- drocarbons from piping and/ or appliances, including natural gas, methane, propane, butane or LPG. e 7899 Gas Sniffer Includes an 11- inch fully flexible probe for hard-to-reach places, auto ze- ro-dri adjustment and a large visual LCD and bar graph display e-inst.com Extech e EN510 is a do-it-all envi- ronmental meter that can replace several HVACR meters, ensur- ing the right instrument is always available. e EN510 measures or calculates air velocity, air flow, air temperature, bead probe (Type K) temperature, heat index, humidity, wet bulb, dew point, wind chill and light level. For humidity-related readings and calculations, a built-in capacitive humidity sensor en- sures high accuracy. Along with ambient air temperature, the meter also includes a general-use bead wire probe for temperatures up to ~480F. extech.com Flir e FLIR C3 is a rug- gedized, pocket-portable, dedicated thermal camera. With a bright, three-inch touchscreen, the FLIR C3 offers several features that make it a great option for the home professional's toolbox. Equipped with both a visible and thermal camera, the C3 includes FLIR's unique MSX technolog y, which adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire thermal image to create sharper thermal detail. Additional pro-level thermal measurement features in- clude higher thermal sensitivity for accurate temperature readings. Also included is a new picture-in-picture func- tion so users can easily compare the thermal image against the visible image. flir.com Ridgid Technicians can now eliminate a cutter from their toolbox with the new RIDGID C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters. Perfect for cutting tubing in tight spaces, the cutters cut three siz- es with only two tools. e ½-inch and ¾-inch combined tubing cutter has a quick-change feature that allows easy switching between the two sizes, with the second cutter designed for 1-inch tubing. In addition, slots were added around the outside of each cutter for a flat head screwdriver to advance and rotate the tool where access is limited. ridgid.com Southwire e TechnicianPRO TRUE RMS CAT IV MULTIMETER offers a CAT IV safety rating and an IP67 waterproof and dust tight housing. With True RMS readings, a Low Z measurement function, backlit controls, and a powerful built-in work light, it has the features needed for the professional electrician. All controls are backlit for low light visibility. True RMS means higher accuracy on AC circuits and Low Z eliminates false readings from 'ghost voltage.' A powerful built-in work light is included for added convenience. southwiretools.com Spectroline Spectroline leak detection products and diagnostic tools are the first and only choice for HVACR professionals around the world.e OPK- 400BEZ/E Complete BigEZ Kit features the OPX-400 OPTIMAX 400 cordless, economy, LED leak detection flashlight. e company offers a wide range of products from leak detection lamps and fluorescent dyes to A/C sealers. Complete HVACR leak detection kits feature compact, high-intensity LED inspection flashlights and fluores- cent leak detection dyes. Designed to find all system leaks quickly and easily. spectroline.com testo e testo 330-1 LX combustion an- alyzer has a full color graphic display, which allows you to visualize flue gas measurement data clearly. With field replaceable, pre-calibrated sensors, the testo 330-1 LX ensures a long product life, allowing for many flue gas testing options. is testo 330-1 LX flue gas analysis kit allows you to carry out your service and maintenance inspections quickly and efficiently. is high quality com- bustion analyzer combines sophisticated sensor technolo- g y, a high level of safety, a long product life span, and easy handling. testo.com Yellow Jacket e new Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench captures and displays torque measurement in real time mode, pro- viding users with u n p r e c e d e n t e d levels of control and accuracy. For convenience, the torque wrench has nine common preset torque values, which display on the digital screen as the flare nut is tightened. For added assurance, indicator lights increase as the torque value is approached. In addition, the Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench features an adjustable spanner head, a digital torque value readout, plus or minus 2 per- cent accuracy, CW and CCW operation and peak hold and track mode selectable. yellowjacket.com 20 HVACR BUSINESS DECEMBER 2017 www. hvacrbusiness .com

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